While searching for new podcasts at work. I happened upon a cool cookbook, Good & Cheap created by Leanne Brown while getting a Master’s in food studies. She didn’t like that people on SNAP, food stamps, and tight budgets had limited choices. I have been considering going back to being a vegetarian and possibly gluten-free. This book is chocked full of quick and cheap recipes that would be good for kids and busy people. Meals show total cost and cost per serving with a great variety. Example recipes include Peanut Belly Granola Bars, Mexican Street Corn, Filipino Chicken Adobo, Tofu Hot Pot, Roti from scratch, Caramelized Bananas, and Tzatziki Sauce. Most recipes include options and variations.

Free Book available online here. I am totally thinking about what I have at home to whip something up tonight. Let me know if you make anything and I’ll do the same.


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Paris in a lot of Pictures and a few Words

So in July, yes, over a month ago, we took a train to Paris. It was my first time seeing the lovely city that I always imagined I’d like for the grandeur and elegance of the people and places. Well I was right. I can’t say what hasn’t been said already. It was beautiful! The only thing I excluded was the Palace of Versailles, as it deserves its own post.