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Vegan Kahlua Cake and Frosting

Third Batch - Perfection

Third Batch – Perfection

If I was allergic to eggs and dairy at a family dinner, I would hope there would be a Vegan dessert…and that is what I made happen. I am not vegan, or strictly vegetarian, but I enjoy the recipes when one is as easy and as good as THIS. I was naturally on Pinterest when I found the recipe…which also led to me making my own Kahlua so that I could complete it. It is spongy and delicious. In total I have made this cake 3 times, one lemon, one with too much Kahlua, and the third batch was perfect.

Should you attempt the recipe, please note that 1) You need AMERICAN baking soda, not German backpulver, you can find some at Galleria Kaufhof of all places, 2) there are multiple versions of this cake to make, but never skip on the flavoring…then it will taste pretzly due to the baking soda. But you can see how mine turned out below.

Drat! Almost forgot all about the icing. But its easy. Get vegan cookies, crumble them to dust in a food processor or blender, add only the thick creamy part of the coconut milk from the can to start, add any liquid to get the consistency you like, then blend a little more….and you’re done! Easy.

Let me know how it turns out. And check out my other pins on Pinterest.

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Homemade Kahlua-esk coffee flavored Liquor

YES! You can make your own Kahlua-esk adult beverage at home. You will need Vodka (750ml), 3 cups of water, 1 cup of coffee (I made strong espresso and diluted it with water to make the full 1 cup), a teaspoon of vanilla or one vanilla bean (or both), 1 & 1/2 cup of both brown and white sugar, and lastly containers to hold your liquor.

and so to start you will need to place all of the water in the pot and let it start to boil, then add the sugar, followed by the coffee. Let this boil for 1-3 hours. I just stopped at 1.5 hours. It makes a syrup so the longer you boil the more of a syrupy texture you will have.

After boiling remove from heat. Add vanilla. Let cool for around 30 min and add the vodka. Then let cool completely so you don’t burn yourself while transferring the liquor into your containers. If you use vanilla beans, use the insides for flavoring and place the discarded bean in the bottles to infuse more vanilla over time.

Finally, enjoy! Cheers!