Bacon and Egg Blankets!

Finished Egg Blanket

I stumbled on this recipe on Pinterest and it seemed fairly easy. And it was. I nicknamed these Egg Blankets since it was a pillowy croissant blanket of breakfast goodness.

Unlike the Pin, I like to cook my bacon first. And even if you don’t want bacon and egg croissants, top these blankets with whatever you like.

To start, open the sometimes tricky can of croissants. Unroll them and separate them into rectangles. Then pinch the perforated/dotted lines together. I like to fold the edges over and stand them up a bit as well, so the egg doesn’t slide off. Next, place the egg. You can break the yolk if you like. Then place the bacon or whatever you would like to add. Then the cheese. Bake for 10-15 min and keep an eye on them. Lastly, enjoy! If you make it let me know!



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