Bake Up Banana Bread

Hey! As usual I cruise around Pinterest searching items that I have on hand. I had three very spotty bananas and some vanilla flavoring left over from all of the holiday baking. So naturally, I decided on Banana Bread! It was super easy. You don’t need a mixer, just a fork or a wooden spoon and some arm strength. I loosely followed the recipe I pinned on my Dishes to Try Pinterest board. Google to see if what you have on hand will work. Let me know if you make it!



  1. I love banana bread! It’s one of my fave to bake cuz it’s so easy. Yours looks delish and very moist. Keep it up girl…I see that cookbook in the making!


    • Hahha! It is very easy to make. Thanks, it was pretty good. And you”ll be one of the first to know if I do a cookbook. lol. 🙂


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