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Carla Keks x Patrick Cole

Another cool guy I met here is Personal Trainer, Patrick Cole, also located in the NRW area. Patrick is a training triple threat, he can help you improve your basketball game, jump into Plyometrics, and all things involving tailored workouts to your needs. We squeeze in some time this week to do some stretches and basic cardio this week. In addition to a healthy mind you should also have a healthy body. He showed me some interesting activities that I had never tried, and we had some good laughs along the way. Hit him up here or follow him on twitter @patcolefitness!

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  1. Carla I’m so happy for you!!!! Above and beyond it all you also have a personal trainer!?!? What a blessing! I’m glad you’re doing it getting it all together mind body and soul wise! Really happy for you Carla this is outstanding!


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