Learning German

Hi! I’ve been in Germany for more than a year and in the process, I had to…you guessed it, learn German. This was no easy task. I started learning German once I knew I was moving here with helpful websites such as

Rocket Languages: Rocket German (click for a free trial course)

and the Duoling app which I am sure is available on iTunes and GooglePlay. I also purchased books such as The Everything Learning German Book 2nd Edition (available in the US). Eventually, I took a weekend class at the Goethe Institute and we used the Berliner Platz textbooks.

After I arrived in Germany, I enrolled at the Düsseldorf Volkshochschule or more commonly know VHS. Here I took beginner classes up to A.1.2 and used the Shritte Plus workbooks. Other books that were and still are very helpful to me are included in this small bookstore below, where you can add items to your cart and check out on amazon.de. (Click here if you have problems viewing the store below)

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