Lemons and Lemon Zest on Deck

I recently fell into a love of using the some of the last seasonal lemons here in Düsseldorf. I made a pear cake. Then lemon infused olive oil. I left the zest in until it was gone which was around 4 weeks. I also used the lemons to make lemon sugar and lemon salt, both which I still have in the cabinet. Lastly, I followed the directions for Jillians Michaels Diet Detox Drink. It’s really easy to make: Around a liter of dandelion tea, 1 teaspoon cranberry juice, and 2 of lemon juice. Freezing the lemon juice makes it easy so you can just pop it in and go. Now I just make it at work and I leave cranberry juice and lemon in a bottle. Life hack. lol.


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