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Vegan Kahlua Cake and Frosting

Third Batch - Perfection

Third Batch – Perfection

If I was allergic to eggs and dairy at a family dinner, I would hope there would be a Vegan dessert…and that is what I made happen. I am not vegan, or strictly vegetarian, but I enjoy the recipes when one is as easy and as good as THIS. I was naturally on Pinterest when I found the recipe…which also led to me making my own Kahlua so that I could complete it. It is spongy and delicious. In total I have made this cake 3 times, one lemon, one with too much Kahlua, and the third batch was perfect.

Should you attempt the recipe, please note that 1) You need AMERICAN baking soda, not German backpulver, you can find some at Galleria Kaufhof of all places, 2) there are multiple versions of this cake to make, but never skip on the flavoring…then it will taste pretzly due to the baking soda. But you can see how mine turned out below.

Drat! Almost forgot all about the icing. But its easy. Get vegan cookies, crumble them to dust in a food processor or blender, add only the thick creamy part of the coconut milk from the can to start, add any liquid to get the consistency you like, then blend a little more….and you’re done! Easy.

Let me know how it turns out. And check out my other pins on Pinterest.


Lemons and Lemon Zest on Deck

I recently fell into a love of using the some of the last seasonal lemons here in Düsseldorf. I made a pear cake. Then lemon infused olive oil. I left the zest in until it was gone which was around 4 weeks. I also used the lemons to make lemon sugar and lemon salt, both which I still have in the cabinet. Lastly, I followed the directions for Jillians Michaels Diet Detox Drink. It’s really easy to make: Around a liter of dandelion tea, 1 teaspoon cranberry juice, and 2 of lemon juice. Freezing the lemon juice makes it easy so you can just pop it in and go. Now I just make it at work and I leave cranberry juice and lemon in a bottle. Life hack. lol.

While searching for new podcasts at work. I happened upon a cool cookbook, Good & Cheap created by Leanne Brown while getting a Master’s in food studies. She didn’t like that people on SNAP, food stamps, and tight budgets had limited choices. I have been considering going back to being a vegetarian and possibly gluten-free. This book is chocked full of quick and cheap recipes that would be good for kids and busy people. Meals show total cost and cost per serving with a great variety. Example recipes include Peanut Belly Granola Bars, Mexican Street Corn, Filipino Chicken Adobo, Tofu Hot Pot, Roti from scratch, Caramelized Bananas, and Tzatziki Sauce. Most recipes include options and variations.

Free Book available online here. I am totally thinking about what I have at home to whip something up tonight. Let me know if you make anything and I’ll do the same.