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Short Trip to Amsterdam

Since it’s not far away, we went to Amsterdam for two days! There were boats, beautiful buildings, and bikes everywhere. We enjoyed the quaint cafes, coffee shops, and cool boutiques. I’ve been to a fair amount of museums the last time I was here. This time one of my favorites, the Stedelijk Museum, had a fun Lego exhibit. At night we saw the most hilarious and random things while walking around, like a 3-foot-tall elegant Grey Heron bird that appeared out of nowhere. It was a fun night, the kind where you laugh until you cry and laugh again the next day when you think about it. The next morning we ate at a great breakfast place on the bridge of a canal. Fresh mint leaf tea, orange juice, and croissants while people watching on a less busy street. Afterwards, we casually walked around, picked up trinkets and goods and then headed to the beach, which was less than 30 minutes away. Such a nice chill place.

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We had a great time on our short trip to Brussels, my mother has always wanted to go there. So we helped her cross that off her bucket list. There were so many beautiful historic buildings with mind boggling moulding, especially at the Grand Place Grote Markt. The Beer Museum is located there along with Godiva and a Tourist Information Center. There are a variety of restaurants due to the large cultural influences from Brussels’ history. I do recommend visiting the restaurant atop of the Parc de Bruxelles and having a drink while enjoying the view. If you walk around enough maybe you will also stumble upon the the Manneken Pis without trying.